2014 CIRT Volunteers

2014 Community Impact Review Team Volunteers

The United Way of Bartholomew County would like to recognize and thank the more than 45 Community Impact Review Team, CIRT, volunteers who helped improve the education, financial stability and health of our community.  They are a great example of Living United!

     Jason Hatton

     Dave Jamerson


     Dave Jamerson, Team Leader

     Susan Barker

     Tobi Herron

     Dave Kromphardt

     Sally Pancratz

     Shashi Singh

     Mary Lou Slattery

     Amy Wentworth

     Frank Wadsworth, Team Leader

     Jeff Crouse

     Julie DelGenio

     Elisabeth Jones

     Marissa Pherson

     Mathangi Sampath Kumar

     Angie Shafer

     Ruchira Sharma

     Alexis Spencer


     Mike Schubel, Team Leader

     Diana Boyer

     Adam Cole

     Ryanne Fenimore

     Betsy Free

     Grace Kestler

     Tracy Kiser

     Kristin Munn

     Patrick Sabo

Financial Stability

     Sara Jacobi, Team Leader

     Kim Bennett

     Jennifer Hopf

      Karl Kissinger

     Henry Malm

     Becky Monroe

     Todd Nobblitt

      Ashley Reading

     Beth Stroh, Team Leader

     Chris Berry

     Abbie Bush

      Sarah Gehring

     Melissa Mahoney

      Sandy Nay

      Janet Putney

     Rohit Saha

     David Spear

Financial Stability/Health

     Diane Robbins, Team Leader

     Paige Harden

     Shweta Mohite

     Scott Poling

     Eric Robbins

     Mary Stroh

     Marsha VanNahmen

      Elaine Wagner

     Tim Zeller

Again, thank you very much to all of our volunteers for all of your hard work and dedication!