Building Avenues to Opportunity

One in three families in Bartholomew County do not earn enough money to make ends meet. These women, men and children can't meet their basic needs and must forego their financial obligations on a monthly basis. 

Poverty affects all of us. It influences the quality of our local education, the availability of jobs for qualified workers, and the stability of our local economy. It is essential for us to help this growing population of our community who are stuck in the cycle of poverty – to help them is to help ourselves.

We currently partner with two free local programs --- Bartholomew County Works, to educate motivated adults on the skills needed to secure full-time employment, and MoneyStrong, to pair families and individuals with qualified financial coaches who teach them financial skills necessary to succeed.  

We are working to help motivated people step out of poverty and into self-sufficiency in Bartholomew County. By helping those in need succeed, we strengthen our entire community. Our vision is for every child in Bartholomew County to be supported in and outside of the classroom, to graduate high school and receive some kind of post-secondary training. We work with coalitions, government and non-profit organizations in Bartholomew County to develop solutions to the pressing issues that poverty places on our community.