Bartholomew County Works

"Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him to fish and he will eat for a lifetime."

One in three households in Bartholomew County do not earn enough to make ends meet. These households can't meet their basic needs and must juggle their financial obligations on a monthly basis.



Bartholomew County Works is a workforce development program built to encourage job-readiness and professional skill building.

Our mission is to help motivated and capable people living in poverty achieve economic self-sufficiency through employment.

Bartholomew County Works is a program meant to break this cycle by mentoring motivated low-income individuals into full-time jobs with benefits. Participants engage in a week-long workshop that teaches the soft skills needed to succeed in the workplace. During the workshop participants also receive coaching from local business and volunteer mentors who help to address the personal barriers that hinder participants from getting a job.  Depending on individual skill set and employment history, participants will identify job opportunities that best suit them.  Bartholomew County Works connects participants to the resources necessary to find a job that will lead to self-sufficiency.  


If you are interested in participating in the Bartholomew County Works program, contact Dawn Bieberle, self-sufficieny coach, at or 812-379-1630

What Participants Gain by Joining Bartholomew County Works


Build the skills you need to find and keep a good job with benefits - class topics include professionalism, mock interviews, money/budgeting, interview attire/body language, goal setting, resume writing, and much more!

Provide for your family, pay your bills and save money - all with you own paycheck

Step out of public assistance


Our extended support team provides resources to those accepted into the program in a wide range of areas including: transportation, finances & budget setting, attire, and more. Members will work one-on-one with the Self-Sufficiency Coach after completing the workshop.These active services continue for a minimum of your first year on the job.


Our partners include: Indiana Department of Workforce Development, Toyota, Columbus Regional Health, Cummins, Elwood Staffing, City of Columbus, McDowell Adult Education Center, CENTRA Credit Union, Lincoln-Central Neighborhood Family Center, Sans Souci, and Love Chapel.

Bartholomew County Works has partnered with core employers in our community - Columbus Regional Health, Cummins, Developmental Services, Inc., Elwood Staffing, Kelly Services, Malone Staffing Solutions, Sans Souci, Spartan Staffing and Toyota