Bartholomew County Works

The mission of Bartholomew County Works is to assist motivated and capable people living in poverty to achieve economic self-sufficiency through employment. 

BCW, a program component of the Lincoln-Central Neighborhood Family Center, is a job readiness training program that is committed to helping its Members improve their lives, gain full-time employment, and achieve economic self-sufficiency.

BCW helps individuals and families break the cycle of poverty in hopes they will become economically self-sufficient by addressing barriers preventing financial success. Being economically self-sufficient means that individuals can provide for themselves and their families with no outside assistance, i.e. food stamps, Medicaid, housing or childcare assistance or cash from family or friends. BCW offers a variety of services to help its Members take the first step in creating a better life for themselves and their families at no cost.

BCW works alongside employers as well ensuring members’ and employers’ needs are being met. BCW’s Self-Sufficiency Coach can address any issues or barriers as they arise to ensure successful employment.

For Members who have achieved the goal of "One Year at One Job" and are interested in pursuing career advancement opportunities through additional skills training, attending college, or development of specific interpersonal skills, BCW’s Advancement Program offers continued one-on-one coaching around career paths and counseling to develop an action plan for continuing/reaching self-sufficiency along with milestones to mark progress toward their goals. Members and the BCW Self-Sufficiency Coach identify services that will be more effective for Members to become financially stable.