COVID-19 Relief Fund FAQ

What is the COVID-19 Relief Fund?

The COVID-19 Relief Fund is a fund launched by the United Way of Bartholomew County meant to harness the community’s desire to help during this pandemic. Donated funds will be used to increase resources at partner agencies who are seeing an increase in critical needs during this time. For a list of our partner agencies – please see our website:

Where can I go if I would like to donate?

Individuals are encouraged to give online.

Businesses interested in donating can contact Whittney Loyd, Resource Development Director, by phone (812) 375-2202 or email at

Where do donations go?

All donations collected through the COVID-19 Relief Fund will be allocated to partner agencies who are best positioned to help with critical needs during this time. United Way does not provide support directly to individuals. The United Way of Bartholomew County provides financial support to partner not-for-profit organizations in the human services sector.

United Way has earned a Four Star out of four star rating from Charity and holds the Platinum rating from Guide Star. United Way of Bartholomew County is committed to financial transparency. We will update the public exactly how the funds were used as we progress.

What should I do if I need economic support or help with my basic needs?

You can go to and search for your most pressing need specifically. Please keep in mind that this pandemic is changing not-for-profit business operations.  We are doing our best to keep information up to date, but the situation is changing rapidly. Thus, some of the information listed on this site may have changed since the latest update.

An application for assistance may be submitted on our website: That application will then be forwarded to a United Way certified agency for a determination of assistance.

Why isn’t United Way setting people up directly with resources?

United Way of Bartholomew County is uniquely situated to take a broad look at our community and to mobilize and align financial and volunteer resources with the agencies who are addressing the most critical needs. We seek to help the greatest number of people possible and believe harnessing the power of our community and partner agencies is the best way to do this. 

Where can I receive the most up to date information on COVID-19 Relief Fund?

We will post updates on this fund on our Facebook page and website. If you have any other questions regarding the fund, please go to