Why Give To United Way?

Meet Marie.

Marie doesn’t get the nutrition she needs at home because her mother is underemployed and can’t fully support Marie and her brother on her hourly salary. Marie goes to school with an empty stomach and can’t concentrate, resulting in poor academic performance. Where would you start helping Marie so she can succeed?


One in every three people in Bartholomew County, like Marie, struggle daily with the reality of poverty. This is a complex issue with no single cause or solution. No one person or organization has the capacity to solve these complex issues alone.

That’s where United Way comes in. We take a top level view of our community strengths and challenges to see where our citizens need the most help. Once we identify the local areas of need, we bring together the most talented and dedicated people in our community to strategize innovative and effective solutions. We take what we know to our community partners to help them, so our community can grow stronger together.

When you give to United Way you are joining a network of local individuals who are dedicated to building a better community together. With your help, we can work together to help thousands like Marie succeed. There are many ways to give, advocate, and volunteer in Bartholomew County. Where do you see yourself making a difference? Join us today.