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Our Stories

United Way offers health insurance navigation

More families will have an easier time accessing health insurance and healthcare thanks to United Way of Bartholomew County’s implementation of Covering Kids and Families.

United Way of Bartholomew County is partnering with Columbus Regional Health to implement Bartholomew County’s Covering Kids and Families program.

Covering Kids and Families is a statewide program that provides health insurance navigation to families who need health coverage. The program is accessed at a community level and United Way of Bartholomew County is working to cover Bartholomew County families.

Licensed navigators will offer free assistance and health coverage navigation to anyone in Bartholomew County. Navigators can connect families and individuals to state and federal health plans such as Medicaid, Hoosier Healthwise and the Healthy Indiana Plan.

Families who need assistance obtaining coverage can reach out beginning on May 1. Those who want to get healthcare through Covering Kids and Family can call 812-418-3573 Monday through Friday 9 a.m.-4 p.m. or go to

United Way of Bartholomew County leads the social services sector to ensure everyone has what they need to reach their full potential, including access to affordable healthcare services.

Covering Kids and Family is the second program United Way of Bartholomew County that offers affordable access to health coverage. The Premium Link program offers financial relief to fund marketplace plans for qualifying individuals in the community.

“United Way of Bartholomew County is committed to ensuring everyone has access to affordable health coverage,” said Ashley LaVanway, Covering Kids and Family Manager. “Covering Kids and Family is a tool that can be used to get everyone the affordable coverage they need.”