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United Way's Equity Statement

United Way of Bartholomew County is a champion of equity, the just inclusion of everyone in society.  Equity is achieved when socio-economic status, race/ethnicity, gender, faith, disability, sexual orientation and other identities no longer impact socio-economic, education, and health outcomes.  We recognize structural inequity has contributed to persistent disparities.  United Way of Bartholomew County, along with our community partners, strives to engage community residents to create solutions that ensure everyone has the resources, supports, opportunities and networks to thrive. 

Equity and Belonging 

The data is clear.  Marginalized families in our community face significant barriers to realizing their full human potential.  Societal outcomes can be predicted based on race and ethnicity, gender, disabilities, and other identities in every measure of well-being.  Marginalized groups are among the most vulnerable to poor economic, educational, and health outcomes. While it is common to believe these differences are based on individual effort, attitude, or skills - societal barriers outside the control of individuals play a significant role.   

United Way of Bartholomew County recognizes structural inequity has contributed to persistent disparities.  To close gaps on socio-economic indicators for high-school graduation rates, post-secondary attainment, wealth, and good health across all identities, we created a plan involving the whole community.  We engaged community members to create solutions that ensure everyone has the resources, supports, opportunities and networks to thrive including children, our future and next generation of leaders.   As part of this engagement, we developed the 7 Tangible Actions to Equity. 

DIVERSIFY LEADERSHIP: Work towards having community and organizational leaders reflect the demographics of our community members.

CREATE EQUITABLE OPPORTUNITIES: Provide underserved groups opportunities to access resources that enhance personal and professional development and ensure our current systems provide the same support and advantages for everyone.

SUPPORT RESOURCE-BUILDING FOR HISTORICALLY UNDERSERVED GROUPS: Give individuals fair access to the tools they need for economic mobility, and invest in minority-owned business.

DEEPEN KNOWLEDGE & UNDERSTANDING AROUND DIVERSITY, EQUITY, AND INCLUSION: Provide learning opportunities for employees, stakeholders, and the broader community on the meaning and history of privilege and bias while providing resources that encourage self-exploration. Incorporate in schools practices that meet the needs of students of all backgrounds, cultures, and ethnicities

SHARE BEST PRACTICES: Share experiences and knowledge on best practices in inclusion, personal experiences, and efforts toward organizational change. 

ADVOCATE: Be vocal and call out inappropriate behavior and aggressions, knowing that silence hurts our underserved and underrepresented community members.

Because we believe all members of our community can realize dreams of a brighter future, we are focused on increasing well-being, belonging, and opportunity.  Download a copy of Inspiring Change: 7 Tangible Actions to Equity here.