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Equity & Inclusion Report


Equity & Inclusion Report

After three years of conversations devoted to the subject of race, equity and inclusion, United Way of Bartholomew County has developed a better understanding of the challenges our community faces when it comes to inequity. 

These inequities contribute to the disparities we see in the areas of health, education and financial stability and will continue to hold us back unless we address them. 

In Bartholomew County, the inequities that exist go beyond just race. Our support systems must provide adequately in the areas of health, education and financial stability to provide the basic building blocks of a stable life for everyone. In a system, race and equity are intertwined, and need to be addressed together. 

At United Way, we look for innovative ways to address our community’s toughest challenges, and we rely on data to tell us what challenges are most prevalent. Despite the population increase of people of color in our community, the data tells us that people of color face disproportionate challenges.