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What United Way Values

What United Way Values

United Way of Bartholomew County strives to create a community where all children, regardless of their background or circumstances, have an equal opportunity for a successful future and the resources necessary to achieve their full potential. To achieve this goal, we are focusing on breaking the cycle of generational poverty by taking a holistic approach of the individual and family. United Way is well-positioned to tackle this complex community issue by leveraging our expertise and the direct services of our certified partner agencies, community members, and programs. By working together, we can address the root causes of poverty.

1. Mobilizing Resources 

  • Financial resources
  • Volunteers
  • Community partners
  • Advocacy 
  • Social services expertise 

2. Build Stronger Communities

  • Direct services and supports to certified agencies by funding programs that work together to remove an individual’s barriers so they can achieve their full potential. 
  • Systems improvement: Connecting and leading public, private, and government social sectors to lead the social services system to work toward systemic change. 

3. Change Lives 

  • Improved childhood and youth success: School readiness. Social and emotional development. Basic needs met. 
  • Improved Economic Mobility: More job training. Increased wages. Self-sufficient. 
  • Improved Access to Health. Access to quality mental and physical care.