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Your Impact

Your Impact

United Way of Bartholomew County reaches 1 in 3 people in our community. We couldn't do this without the support of donors, advocates, and volunteers like you. 

We strive to create a community where all children, regardless of their background or circumstances, have an equal opportunity for a successful future.  We make an impact by mobilizing resources, building stronger communities, and changing lives. 

Avenues to Opportunity 

In Bartholomew County, 1 in 3 individuals do not make enough money to meet their household budgets. Another 1 in 5 live under the federal poverty line. 
This local state of poverty affects us all. It influences the quality of our local education, the availability of jobs for qualified workers, and the stability of our local economy. It is essential for us to help this growing population of our community who are stuck in the cycle of poverty. Breaking the cycle of poverty helps lift entire communities and leads to the best outcomes for us all. Your generosity to United Way supports the Avenues to Opportunities program, which creates opportunities and provides resources to our community neighbors, allowing them to reach their full potential.   


Daniel's previous mistakes, run-ins with the law, and a tumultuous childhood pocked by parental drug use made him nearly unemployable by society.

He walked into a United Way agency, committed to doing the hard work to change his life. Everything changed. Two years of job skills training through United Way, financial coaching, and a commitment to a bright future through Avenues to Opportunity is leading to a life of stability and self-sufficiency.

He has a scholarship to Ivy Tech for welding and will do an internship at a local company to further gain job skills.
Without a means to remove the barriers that clouded Daniel's work history, health challenges, and basic needs, Daniel believes his life would look much different.

"I'd be (serving) a prison sentence, or people would be attending my funeral," he said.


MaKayla had never held down a job, was shy, and lacked confidence to get the basic skills she needed to succeed in a banking job.
A year ago, she started coaching through Avenues to Opportunity and is slowly gaining the critical job skills she needs to succeed.

Within the next year, she will start an externship at a local financial institution to get on the job training for her desired career in banking.

Read more about Avenues here.  

Because of you: 

  • 263 Families participated in Avenues to Opportunity 
  • 231 Participants entered the workforce while enrolled in the program
  • 16  Participants earned a license to improve their job prospects 
  • 263 Individuals increased their income while enrolled in Avenues 
  • 160 Participants were provided employment services

Cause Areas 

United Way of Bartholomew County's mission is to mobilize people and strengthen lives in our community. We envision a community where every child is supported in and outside of the classroom, every family has their basic needs met, and every individual leads a stable, successful life. 

We recognize that poverty is a multi-pronged issue and that barriers do not get solved and removed in a silo. Everything is interconnected. UWBC fights for the health, education, and financial stability of everyone in Bartholomew County. 

Take a look at the impact you made in each of our cause areas: 


Volunteer- Noun- A person who freely offers to take part in an enterprise to undertake a task.

Our volunteers are in the thick of our community – fighting everyday to make United Way, Bartholomew County, and their neighborhoods better.

United Way of Bartholomew County relies on selfless volunteers in nearly every aspect of what we do. Our board and committees are at the heart of internally running our organization. They are comprised of leaders who want Bartholomew County’s social services sector to succeed. 

Your volunteer efforts through United Way have ensured children have the school supplies they need to start school and have connected families with resources that have made their holidays bright and happy.

See how your volunteer efforts had an effect on our community ⤵︎