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Basic Needs

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Basic Needs

United Way of Bartholomew County’s basic needs work seeks to remove immediate barriers that would prevent an individual or family from getting food, having shelter, or paying their utilities. 

We invest in programs and agencies that work hard to provide basic needs to families in our local community who are struggling and then remove other barriers that have prevented them from becoming financially stable. We take a holistic approach to the social services delivery that helps ensure long-term, positive outcomes for our most vulnerable families. 

Currently, 1 in 5 Hoosier children are food insecure.  In Bartholomew County, almost 3,000 children that we know of are food insecure and 40% of our school children are on free or reduced lunch.

Science has shown that food insecurity affects the brain both physically and psychologically because it forces the child to live in perpetual survival mode.  How is a child supposed to learn math or English if they’re worried about whether or not they’ll have enough to eat today.

To move children out of poverty and basic need instability, United Way is harnessing the expertise of multiple non-profit agencies in our community; because it truly does take a village to provide the assistance necessary to break the chain of generational poverty.  We know that a one stop approach is just a band aid, not a solution.  So, United Way utilizes a program called Avenues to Opportunity which is an initiative to help families and individuals to become self-sufficient by focusing on the health, financial stability, and housing needs of our most vulnerable neighbors.  It provides a holistic path out of poverty; so they can move from being a family in crisis, to being a family that is thriving

Helping those in need today, will help us all thrive tomorrow.