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Your Impact


We believe in a community where all children receive a quality education that will lead them to a lifetime of financial stability and impact in our communities. We believe education is the cornerstone to every individual and community success. 

Success in life starts with a quality education and it is our mission to provide resources which will ensure every child in our community has access to a quality education. United Way of Bartholomew County and our partners invest in our children and adults from preschool to adulthood by mobilizing resources and funding quality programming to help ensure academic success. 

Programs we fund include ensuring parents have access to quality, educational childcare from infant to preschool. This quality care will give children the building blocks they need to do well in school. We also fund mentors, tutoring, literacy support, and basic needs, so a child can concentrate on their education. 

We are working to ensure that everyone has the education to succeed in life.