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Financial Stability

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Financial Stability

Too many families in our community are walking a thin financial line -- they are barely getting by without any savings to address an emergency or to save for their children's future. 

United Way of Bartholomew County increases financial stability in our community by addressing basic needs while empowering individuals to find and work for long-term solutions that will keep them at least 200% above the Federal Poverty Level. 

A third of all families in Bartholomew County struggle provide their own basic needs including food, shelter, and utilities. One in five of those individuals work at least one job and still can't make their ends meet. 

This local state of poverty affects us all. It influences the quality of our local education, the availability of jobs for local workers, and the stability of our local economy. It is essential that we partner and work together to help this growing part of our community who are stuck in generational poverty. 

United Way, in partnership with other non-profit agencies and powerful programs, work one-on-one with individuals to eradicate barriers that prevent them from achieving financial stability. This holistic approach helps break up generational poverty that has prevented many in our local community from achieving success. 

We fight for every person in our community have the resources they need to find financial stability on their own. By mentoring youth during formative years, providing job skills to individuals and securing affordable, safe housing, we are helping people get back on their feet.